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giovedì 22 marzo 2012

My Otherworld miniature order arrived!

Otherworld has done a wonderful job. Goblins on wolves all metal and beautifully carved. Very beautiful miniatures, very well packed. ... hmmmm I love the smell of metal in the morning.!!!!
This is a special pack to celebrate the 5th anniversary of Otherworld Miniatures, a diorama pack inspired by the iconic cover painting of adventurers looting an evil temple. This set includes a resin casting of our original DD1 Demon Idol which is 84mm tall to the tip of its horns. It has a seperate hand/bowl piece, and is supplied with a selection of coloured gemstone eyes. The pack also includes several pewter-cast pieces; 2 thieves, a stone altar, 2 flaming braziers (only 1 shown in the photo), a seperate mini-idol, a sacrificial dagger and an iron spike for attaching the climbing thief. The Idol was sculpted by Paul Muller, the accessories by Kevin Adams.

AMAZING.... !!!

Do u remember the original AD&D cover???!!!

The Wight King finally painted!

 This miniature is not so easy to paint!! But I love it!

a couple of new monsters in my collection...

 This is the second Minotaur I in the collection, the body is the same as the head changes. It's really nice!
The Balrog, a great monster fom the GW past... the GW has used the same wings for other models of monster.

Dwarf Lord painted like Samurai

I tried to paint this dwarf lords in a pure Japanese spirit. Seen that the sculptor had put a mask with a mustache, I immediately thought of a clear reference to Eastern and so I painted. Daisho Kabuto & Mempo
 in black/red. I chose to beard the color of Daemon Slayer, I wanted to change the setting that gave the GW painters ...

Crooked Claw Miniatures finally arrived! Amazing.

This guy did a great damn nice job!!! Today arrived my Crooked Claw package, a complete Goblin set sculpted in the '80 by Kev "Goblinmaster" Adams ad re-producted right now by a smart German dude.  For the first time in years, I was touched in front of a miniature... The goblins are gorgeous, beautifully carved and beautifully reproduced. The metal is clean, no sign of fusion line or dirty stuff. Perfect. Beautiful. Amazing. Nothing to say, a very well done job . I look forward to new models and while I start my painting. It will be a long job, but with such beautiful miniatures are hard to resist!!
 Nemesis Goblins (10)

Rhoninstorm Goblins (8)
 ... in the middle... I think we have got a part of a new Barbarian project... veeerrrry nice!!! thx!!!

 Command Pack (3)