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giovedì 22 marzo 2012

Crooked Claw Miniatures finally arrived! Amazing.

This guy did a great damn nice job!!! Today arrived my Crooked Claw package, a complete Goblin set sculpted in the '80 by Kev "Goblinmaster" Adams ad re-producted right now by a smart German dude.  For the first time in years, I was touched in front of a miniature... The goblins are gorgeous, beautifully carved and beautifully reproduced. The metal is clean, no sign of fusion line or dirty stuff. Perfect. Beautiful. Amazing. Nothing to say, a very well done job . I look forward to new models and while I start my painting. It will be a long job, but with such beautiful miniatures are hard to resist!!
 Nemesis Goblins (10)

Rhoninstorm Goblins (8)
 ... in the middle... I think we have got a part of a new Barbarian project... veeerrrry nice!!! thx!!!

 Command Pack (3)

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