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giovedì 21 giugno 2012

Eavy Metal (Tim Prow, Mike, Roy Eastland & Colin Dixon)

 I have a large collection of pictures and this is why I decided to share what I think are the most beautiful  miniatures ever painted by the Heavy Metal teams over the years. Some of these guys are simply guests but in my opinion deserve a prominent place in our hearts. I refer to the beautiful creatures of chaos by Tim Prow.. 
nicely converted, with a cool painting style. 
Lot of work but ... still amazing!! Enjoy!!
 This is one of the best conversions ever created by the hand of Mike Mc Vey. Amazing Eagle Rider full tattoed. Simple but great!

 Mike has a truly unique style of painting.. one of my favourite paint-master ever!
The Colin's Norse dwarf  are something unique and spectacular. Full of exquisite details, beautiful combinations of colors and with an amazing painting styleLook at the faces of the dwarfs!!! Wow! ... It 's true, even the miniatures are sculpted very well, but to make them live, is entirely the work of Colin.

Also the Roy's skeletons are really good, I love how he managed to give the color of the bones without falling into the typical trick of washing. Remember that to paint a skeleton in a professional manner, the washes are useless ... or almost! ;)

venerdì 15 giugno 2012

Fantasy Miniatures: Golden Demon 1988.

The magnificent book that Orlygg put online ( http://www.scribd.com/doc/96961833/Fantasy-Miniatures-1988)for us is not just a book of old miniatures, is a testimony of how the world of warhammer in the past was a world of freedom, color, imagination, improvisation, and creation. No pattern to follow to win or be noticed by the jury. The Golden Demon winner was the bravest and most creative painter. I have this book in my collection, I take it back since 1988 and i spent tons of hours looking for inspiration. There are some real masterpieces, many great dioramas too. My favorite is definitely Mark Harrison's Tree on page 35. Simply Brilliant!

giovedì 14 giugno 2012

John Blanche loves Zombies (me too)

I've already written but I like to repeat it, this is probably the best John Blanche's diorama ever conceived. The Zombie Assault with a touch of black magic,...what more could you want? Thank Orlygg ROC Blog for reminding us with these beautiful photos!

Wishful Thinking Top Ten!

Ciao! I've also decided to put online my list of favorites. Also because I think it important for every collector to have a wish list, the list of minaitures that never runs out and, in fact, grows more and more until it became almost impossible to satisfy!

1) The Dragon Masters
2) 1986 sculpt by Micheal Perry based on 'Amazonia Gothique' by John Blanche.

 3) Amazing Zombie by Kevin Adams
4) Jes Goodwin - Hrothyogg, Ogre Captain.

 5) Marauder Giant

6)Bugman's Dwarf Rangers

7) Great Imperial Dragon

 8-9) 1985 Official D&D Citadel Miniatures: BDD01 – Dungeon Adventurers e BDD02 – Dungeon Monsters  (Miniature scolpite da Michael & Alan Perry, Aly Morrison, Bob Naismith.)

 10) Orc War Wyvern

The problem with the old miniatures is that it would be great to find complete box but unfortunately is not always possible. I dream of putting up a wall full of blisters and boxes from '80... For now let's just point out our favorite pieces, hoping, calmly and thanks to eBay and forums to be able to put together all these beautiful pieces. Then we must also paint them and it takes so long! I wish you all good hunting!