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giovedì 14 giugno 2012

Wishful Thinking Top Ten!

Ciao! I've also decided to put online my list of favorites. Also because I think it important for every collector to have a wish list, the list of minaitures that never runs out and, in fact, grows more and more until it became almost impossible to satisfy!

1) The Dragon Masters
2) 1986 sculpt by Micheal Perry based on 'Amazonia Gothique' by John Blanche.

 3) Amazing Zombie by Kevin Adams
4) Jes Goodwin - Hrothyogg, Ogre Captain.

 5) Marauder Giant

6)Bugman's Dwarf Rangers

7) Great Imperial Dragon

 8-9) 1985 Official D&D Citadel Miniatures: BDD01 – Dungeon Adventurers e BDD02 – Dungeon Monsters  (Miniature scolpite da Michael & Alan Perry, Aly Morrison, Bob Naismith.)

 10) Orc War Wyvern

The problem with the old miniatures is that it would be great to find complete box but unfortunately is not always possible. I dream of putting up a wall full of blisters and boxes from '80... For now let's just point out our favorite pieces, hoping, calmly and thanks to eBay and forums to be able to put together all these beautiful pieces. Then we must also paint them and it takes so long! I wish you all good hunting!

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  1. The D&D minis look rather nice and I'd also like a shambling horde of those zombies!