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martedì 31 gennaio 2012

Paint Night Goblins is a very good start!

The Green Horde!

the best thing is to alternate plastic models and metal models, the final  "green horde" effect is amazing, lot of goblins full of details, where each miniature is different from other
Snarsnik Maztica and are overall a very good combination. Chose the metal models and have fun with many details, too many holes to fix but nothing that you can settle with a ball of green matter. Snarsnik is full of details too, so cool, use colors and do not just copy pictures from GW catalogs!

Natural Born Killers... maybe...

The shaman with the little goblin on head is very well sculpted, there are some fragile parts and shapes are not well designed but it is rich in details and is great if you can paint a small half moon on the bandage!

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