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venerdì 13 gennaio 2012

Chaos Dwarfs & japanese Warriors !

A mix of new figures which I have just finished painting, in particular  Doomaxe The Dreader from the Chaos Dwarfs Renegades set was not so easy to paint: I had already faced it in the past with poor results, it seems easy to paint this armoured dwarf but in reality to get a good result you have to work a lot. Especially on the choice of colors to use. In the end I chose the black and gold, with red for the cloak and a coat of zombies to hold the skull on the helmet. Still influences Japanese adventurers set for dwarfs.

And one of my favourite Chaos Champion ever, Stuzen Jazael... I decided to use two types of purple for the dress and the yellow in contrast to enhance the effect "back to the eighties!"

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